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Skills Bootcamps in Hertfordshire

Hundreds of people in Hertfordshire will benefit from Skills Bootcamps, which are free and flexible courses that help people aged 19 or older gain the necessary skills to secure or progress in a job, in sectors where there is a shortage of workers or skills gaps within the industry.

The courses last up to 16 weeks and those who take part are guaranteed to be offered a job interview after they’ve completed the training or will be supported to progress in the workplace and utilise the new skills they have developed.


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Skills Bootcamps are open to all adults aged 19 or older who are full-time or part-time employed, self-employed or unemployed, as well as adults returning to work after a break.  For most Skills Bootcamps, you’d don’t need to have any previous knowledge of the job or sector. 

Those who are already in a job can also participate in a Bootcamp course to develop their skillset. If you’re interested, ask your employer about taking part in a Bootcamp – they’ll be able to help you decide if it’s something that could benefit you in work and if they would be happy for you to study alongside your current job. 


Yes, Skills Bootcamps are completely free to the individual. 

The skills you’ll learn on a Bootcamp could help you change careers or progress in your existing job by giving you valuable training that enhances your work experience and your knowledge of a specific industry.  

What’s more, you’ll be offered a job interview at the end of the course, giving you an opportunity to get your foot in the door of a new sector or enable you to take the next step in the sector you already work in.  

In Hertfordshire we have over 20 Skills Bootcamp courses available across a number of different sectors, including film and TV, digital, construction, health and green industries. 

For example, there are courses for digital marketing, software development, event production, film and TV production, net-zero reporting, construction, retrofit assessing and health.  You can find the right Skills Bootcamp course for you below.


Skills Bootcamps help employers by training potential new and existing employees with the necessary skills to fill job vacancies, particularly in sectors that are struggling to recruit. In turn, this helps the economy grow.  

Skills Bootcamps are co-designed with employers to respond to skills shortages. You can work with our training providers to develop and deliver Skills Bootcamps to help you fill vacancies or interview and employ one of our Skills Bootcamp alumni.

Skills Bootcamps may help your business by:

developing a skilled workforce

futureproofing your business by supporting new skills development

motivating your team by providing new opportunities to learn

giving you access to participants who have successfully completed relevant Skills Bootcamps 

As a business you will contribute a portion of funding (10% for SMEs, 30% for large employers), while the Department for Education covers the rest. 

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