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2019 was the year everything changed in doing business, it was unexpected, unplanned and unpredictable for everyone. All the established rules were thrown into the air. Global and national brands revealed their true intentions which were not in the best interests of doing ethical customer-centric business and exposed their true intentions of not caring. The lack of innovation became visibly obvious in the way business networking groups operated and they became obsolete overnight with their outdated, ineffective hard sales and compulsory referral founded approach along with the severe lack of innovative future-focused thinking. Never before was there the need for the business community to be brought together under one brand to support each other and learn to achieve together. This was the opportunity just waiting to be taken. The time was here to re-invent business networking with a totally new group that took it into the future that would create a stable foundation for doing business in a new, more collaborative, supportive, self-less and future relevant way. the Founder members met on zoom and started talking about possibly creating the new business network group and after several meetings the CBE Group, ‘The Success Network’ was conceived. The challenge of creating the CBE Group wasn’t an easy one for us and took a massive amount of effort, time and commitment from us all. This huge undertaking demanded all our combined business acumen and expertise to bring to fruition and realise the vision. We weren’t just creating a business networking group, we were creating a blueprint for a new culture for the business community focused on creating, building and doing successful business utilising an online platform created for accessing & solving change problems, economic challenges along with expert support – whatever the size of the member businesses. The vision of the CBE Group is to develop a successful, supportive business group that is built on a self-less culture of likeminded Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who all share the same values and essence of supporting each other. This collaboration community will build members personal and business growth by members sharing their unique business expertise, knowledge and experiences. With the unique culture of shared support the CBE Group – ‘The Success Network’ is uniquely positioned to take its members and their businesses on the journey into the future of doing successful business that no other business networking group can do. Together CBE Group members are on a business journey of discovery into the future that will build greater success than that could have been achieved previously. 

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CBE Group - The Success Group

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