Frequently asked questions

The CBE Networking Group made up of experienced, businesses and  individuals  who are committed to helping one another, expect to give but not always receive. If that describes you and you are one of those people, it is for you. They continue to innovate and provide support and services in their areas of expertise, ensuring both members and clients flourish by bridging the gap to Digital and staying relevant.
Our focus is on innovation, quality, keeping things simple, challenging and redefine the norm.

The CBE Networking Group is for innovative and like minded Entrepreneurs and established members of the business community. We are committed to the mutual success of clients and members, we also keep businesses relevant by enabling their transformation of the plan or vision.
Our essence: At our core, CBE operates on the principles of improving skills, creativity, respect and excellence, inclusion, and innovation.

Yes, as long as you are prepared to contribute  and agree to follow and uphold our values.

A mixture of COVID 19 changed the way we communicate and work,  dissatisfaction with existing networks and creating organisation for those who are committed to our collective values, hard working and are will share for the wider benefit for the community. 

First of all you must register as network partners and list you and your organisations skills and experience. We will then invite you to join the various opportunities based on what you want to and can contribute. Likewise you can submit a project you may need support on. 

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