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Peel Ports Medway – Forest Products

The Project

Peel Ports Medway – Forest Products

As the second largest port group in the UK, each year we safely handle over 70 million tonnes of cargo from across the globe, and whether it is finding efficient routes and well connected services, close to end-destination ports or storage and freight options, we add value to every step of the process.

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What we did:

  • Identified and addressed significant lost time and unnecessary costs in
    Forest Products operation.
  • Improved vessel turnaround times
  • Improved warehouse productivity by 25%
  • Significantly increased tonnes handled per man hour
  • Aligned resources to meet peaks and troughs in demand

Project Outputs

Peel Ports Medway – Forest Products
  • Specifically:
    Developed and implemented vessel modelling and planning control tool.
  • Master scheduling, norms and performance expectations established for scheduled vessel
  • Improved yard layout.
  • Significant productivity. improvement within timber treatment operations


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Client Comment
“Buy-in and enthusiasm within our management and supervisory team has been very high and this
has continued following Cannizaro’s departure.”
Gary Hodgson
Chief Operating Officer

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