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Associated British Ports Humber South Wales and Southampton

The Project

Associated British Ports – Humber, South Wales and Southampton.
ABP’s UK Port operations handle a broad range of cargoes, including energy, vehicles, roll-on roll-off, containers, bulks, liquid bulks and forest products.

Associated British Ports
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Within Container operations we:

  • Developed, installed and ensured long term compliance of new tools and processes for
    planning, managing and executing operations across terminal operations, central planning and administration and engineering and maintenance.
  • The tools were designed to bring about beneficial changes in behaviours and to enable better matching of labour to work flow, in particular, vessel arrival and departure variations.
  • Designed and executed a managerial and supervisory training programme to improve real time decision making, accountability, compliance to new procedures and accurate
  • Improved yard layout, traffic flows and gate management led to reduced delays and
    enabled lower manning costs on vessels as ships calls were completed more quickly.
    Improved vessel planning increased vessel efficiencies, particularly cross-skilling between vessels, yard, plug-ins and sheds.

Project Outputs

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  • Improved productivity and performance of labour and utilisation of plant and space.
  • Vessel turnaround times improved.
    Increased availability of plant and equipment.
  • Haulier dwell times down by 35%.
    Containers per man hour improved by 25%.
  • Greatly improved service levels and customer satisfaction.
  • Very significant cash savings.


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Client comment:
“This work achieved all of its objectives and was particularly valuable. It gave an immediate
impetus to our expansion in the ICT that now sees us handling significantly more containers per
year at a lower unit cost”.
Jens Skibsted Nielsen
Commercial Director

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